Peter Murphy también recordará a Bauhaus en Valparaíso

Murphy llegará junto a David J, el bajista co-fundador de la banda, para interpretar "In The Flat Field", album debut del conjunto.

Peter Murphy

Peter Murphy volverá a Chile el próximo 13 de octubre (Teatro Caupolicán), para celebrar los 40 años de la de Bauhaus. Este concierto fue el primero del británico confirmado para nuestro país, y lo realizará acompañado de David J, el bajista co-fundador de la banda.

Nueva fecha

Pocos días después de confirmarse este comeback, la productora a cargo del evento agregó una segunda fecha para los creadores e intérpretes de " In The Flat Field". Ambos estarán en el centro de eventos El Huevo de Valparaíso, el viernes 12 de octubre.

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Translated from the original Spanish, a great review of the Vilar de Mouros show from Review and photos by Sonia Garcia. "When one hears Peter Murphy’s voice it is inevitable not to think about the mythical band Bauhaus. They created Gothic rock and gave new life to a new musical genre. Luckily Peter Murphy is so great, that neither the passage of time nor the disappearance of his band, managed to stop him away from the stage. Now he climbs back to the main stage of Vilar de Mouros, ready to prove it. Elegant, histrionic, perverse and disturbing, with his prominent cheekbones and his aspect of Lord Byron's novel aristocrat, he has a rich and deep voice and an innate elegance that seduces others as soon as they see it. Accompanied in this performance by Bauhaus bassist, David J., they give us, for more than an hour, a musical journey through the mythical themes of one of the most innovative and charismatic bands of all time. True to his style, elegant and mysterious, he exhibited his extensive vocal register and the theatrical and personal gestures that make him unique. And Peter Murphy is still big, very big on stage. In a performance full of charisma and intensity, the father of the Gothic sound enveloped us in a dark, mysterious and hypnotic atmosphere. With his elegant movements of arms, his eyes to the sky perhaps begging for mercy and his magnetic eyes lost in the infinite, he interpreted part of his perennial hits that were acclaimed by his unconditional followers. A closing full of class and an authentic lesson on how to make the word music great for this first day." #petermurphy @davidjhaskins

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Las entradas ya están a la venta a través de Ticketek (HITES, Cinemark) y sin recargo en Restaurant Agua Luna (O'Higgins 1290, Valparaíso) y Plug&Play (Galería Arcadia. Arlegui 440, Viña del Mar).

Los precios van desde $25.000 preventa (400 tickets) hasta $29.000 general. 

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